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април 7, 2016

This article is written specifically to serve as testimonial for STARTING STRENGTH coach and author Mark Rippetoe. I'm in no way endorsed or supportd by SS. As a matter of fact i don't even think that Mark really likes me. Everything in the article is true and i have used some "bad language" here and there. Since English is not my first language, please excuse the mistakes/grammar.

Although the following athlete (whos name is EMIL GAYDAROV) is my client, and we have trained with a few different protcols (more on that later) we used heavily the TEXAS method for close to a year now. The results of his training are obvious and this article serves as a reference for anyone wanting to fucking see that not only "high-reps brooo" build muscle mass and that in fact it is the Absolute Strength that has the Absolute Meaning and is the Absolute Reason for gaining muscular bodyweight and even dropping bodyfat. Of course it doesn't mean you have to do singles only. Regardless if doing sets of 1, 5 or 10 reps, IF increase in STRENGTH happens you WILL increase the associated muscles' cross-section area. BUT then the battle becomes this: HOW do i best increase my Strength? That is where i believe the Texas Method is TRULY valuable (for the experienced lifter).
It is high time we shut down the online guru fake-shit by showing some true stuff.

So please read on.

When Emil came to us he was muuuch weaker. Refer to the pictures below.
At first he was UNABLE TO DO MORE THAN 4 PUSH-UPS. Me, coach Dimitar Mihov had to HELP him do a chin up!
Right now... He's stronger than me :).

I will not include the written testimonial EMIL GAYDAROV left because it is directed towards me and the gym. Originally we have a "before-after" article for our customers and market here in Bulgaria. But this article you are reading now is not about popularizing our gym (although we claim it to be one of the best in the WORLD) but to serve as a reference for what the TEXAS Method helped us build.

Emil's diet sucked. Yeah thats true. I mean he ate meat, but he also ate occasionally the junk food. I just couldn't fucking make him follow a proper eating principles. He wasn't even eating ENOUGH protein most of the time!!
I thought it was a sorta lost fight at first, but as always i kept pushing and even without the "best" circumstances i was determined to at least get him monsterously strong and see what happens.

WHO THE FUCK SAID YOU CAN GET SHREDED WITHOUT STEROIDS? Emil has NEVER taken any anabolic steroids or substances. Heck, he doesn't even have the money to buy food supplements. Making him eat enough eggs was THE "premium" deal for him.

However his training persistance surprised my ass! I have rarely had clients who were SO determined to lift, who were really listening to me and TRYING hard to DO shit. He was pushing like a REAL MAN! Damn, so many fucking f@ggots on this earth have forgotten what this is like, so no wonder females complain these days.

At the end PERISTANCE WINS ... just like what NAPOLEON HILL said:

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

Just to make a clear Note: If we can call him having GOOD genes, that would be like calling America a "small country".
He doesn't have such shit, his "genetic pool" is as medium or even shitty as would be any random folk. Trust me, i have clients with amazing genes, i have ones with as shitty as possible and of course in the middle. Any coach working with a lot of clients knows that genes DO matter, but still optimal training is optimal training. So, please dump that excuse BEFOREHAND. You can't change your genes but you can CERTAINLY change the plates on your barbell. Hopefully UPWARDS.
Next - before we continue with the details around his lift numbers, please watch these before-after pictures. THERE IS NO PHOTOSHOP being done for them (except of course correcting colors/brightness if the picture ended being shit-yellow due to my shitty camera-man skills).


This one is THREE YEARS BEFORE he joined our gym:

NEXT PICTURE - Unforunately we don't have any earlier pics of him before the SECOND-THIRD month of his training. He was deadlifting 120kg by then. (Still he started learning the tehcnique with 60kg like everyone else, just to clarify):

Amongs the first Squats..

So we gradually tought him to be STRONGER:


Even if you don't have SPECIAL carrying cardio strongman equipment you can always improvise and GET SHIT DONE!

And untill at one point he literally became FUCKING STRONG:

And after a little more he became A F*CKING BEAST!!

HE can bend a TEXAS SQUAT barbell... How about YOU!? :)

P.S. - If anyone wonder whether this is in two seperate gyms IT IS NOT. Our gym is on 3 floors and the third one (seen in AFTER pictures) is a pure Strength and Conditioning place which we recently build. And yes we have SORINEX, ELITEFTS and ROGUE brands there, even the Burgener and Rippetoe bar.

Before-After time: 22months. About 20months from the first deadlift picture to the last i believe.

Just to make sure everyone has read it - Emil has NEVER taken chemistry/anabolic steroids.

(I'm not against people who use them but i'm NOT A FAN to put it that way. More so considering the usual REASONS why GENELRA POPULATION PEOPLE (not pro bodybuilders or athletes) take steroids i feel that most of the time its for shitty reasons so i just stay away as a coach and lifter.)

Damn he couldn't (and still can't btw hahaha) affort to take fucking vitamins and supplements! Well most of the supplments are a bullsh*t anyway.

LETS get more into the TRAINING success and numbers he got:

As we said before he was a total n00b before training with us. He had never trained with a barbell except having squatted with 50kg for a week at some rowing base.


Then we got onto a PROGRESSIVE overload approach. He has used a few different protocols but mainly 5/3/1 (with BORING BUT BIG). That was only at first though. After that i decided to experiment and get him REALLY FUCKING STRONG using the Texas Method. We did it for... at least about a year now and he's still on it. Fucking long time if you ask me. YES he had stalles. YES it wasn't always smooth. And NO i don't do it "exactly as its written". But i as a coach preserved the PRINCIPLES (and added a shit ton of chin-ups of course).
Remember it from me -- EVERY SINGLE GOOD STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING PROGRAM WILL DO THE TRICK IF THE STRENGTH INCREASES. I'm excluding the typical bodybuilding approaches that are being sold online by super-hero-fag00t-coaches (sorry its the truth).
A BIGGER MUSCLE IS STRONGER MUSCLE AND STORNGER MUSCLE IS BIGGER MUSCLE. Now you can use sets of 10, sets of 5, sets of 2... i don't really give a shit. Just bring it UP properly and safely!

BUT EVERY GOOD STRENGTH AND CONDITONING PROGRAM REQUIRES YOU TO KNOW PERFECT TECHNIQUE. Do it, learn it, invest in it. And f*ck your excuses, we live in 21th century its FULL of good guides nowadays! GET Starting Strength book, GET onto some amazing youtube channels, GET a GOOD coach -- and start YOUR jourey! It will be long and shitty but thats why its worth it!

Fact of a matter is - Emil hasn't used more than 5 reps per set (EXCEPT ON CHIN-UPS) for a year now and NOW he has made his BIGGEST GAINS. Why now?? Because he can now:


  • SQUAT: 180kg х for a Single and 160kg for a set of 5;

  • DEADLIFT: 210kg for a single and 190kg for a set of 5;
  • BENCH PRESS: 95kg for a single and 80kg for a set of 5;
  • MILITARY PRESS: 60kg for a set of 5:
  • PULL-UPS/CHIN-UPS (various bars): 120 in one workout. ALL the way up and down, not those half-rep-skip-sh*t-ups.
  • WEIGHTED CHIN-UPS: 15kg added (via vest) for 50reps totall for a workout

  • PUSH-UPS -- as many as you can f*cking count :)
  • PLANK: More time than needed (YES we did planks at first and SORRY Rippetoe i do not agree they are useless. At least not if you cant do 2-3min of them. But he has done NONE during the Texas Method, indeed. And i doubt he needs too much of them nowadays, yes.)

Oh, and he has the six pack. Eating pizza too.
He didn't have it before. How? Even though he eats JUNK from time to time, and has totally NOT optimal diet -- he gets his ass fried from 2-3 hours training sessions (Sorry, lazy people) and i told him not to over-do his calories while we build that Strength-up... but to keep Roughly the same food during our training months. So that made it even more brutal.

Well... Not Bad for a young boy, right? ;)

HEALTH GAINS: A year and a half ago (right around when we begun) his HEART RATE was check by a doctor. It was 90BPM.
Recently he had a routine check being done by the same doc. His heart rate is now 70BPM. The doctor concluded that Emil was in amazing heart and overall shape and asked if he did any training.
During this whole time Emil has rarely if ever done ANY SET WITH MORE THAN 5 REPS (except chin-ups). The last time he did cardio was a year and 2 months ago for about 2-3 weeks using HEAVY DUTY CARRING CARDIO. HE DOESN'T EVEN DO ANY HIIT/CONDITIONING SINCE MORE THAN A YEAR. NONE.
So much we can say about he myth that there are any "specail" cardio machines/sations. It's not like you don't breathe heavily after a set of heavy @ss sh1t squats...!

Lets put example of a recent TRAINING SESSION of his:

1) Squat: 150kg х 8 sets of 3 reps
2) Bench Press: 80kg х 8 sets of 3 reps
3) DB Flyes 17,5kg х 3 sets of 10 reps
4) Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups: 120 (all kinds of bars, FULL CHIN/PULLs)
5) Band Pull-aparts: 100 х red double band (7-15кг напрежение на ластика)
6) Glute-Ham Raises: 30

Does he always neccesarily use low reps? No. Assitance lifts are good for more reps of course and for the main lifst we have used 5/3/1 at first as i said (but it was only at first). BUT since a year we've done the TexasMethod only.
The most important part is that his STRENGTH increased and EVERYTHING benefitted from that in his body!

Does this mean you can fucking launch in the gym and load the bar and become a fucking Hero for a day? Of coure not! That would be stupid, irresponsible, idiotic and dangerous! Put in the time and LEARN TO F*CKING LIFT, YO!
Training with weights... no let me put it this way - PROPER weight training requires technique, proper habit, persistance, concentration, proper planing (periodization or in other words organization of training), emotional self-motivation, passion, devotion and at the end PROGRESSING -- in order to make it count and worthy for yourself. It does NOT happen in a "month or two and i'm already the One".

THAT IS PRECICELY why only the TRULY DEDICATED ones KNOW how precious this whole journey is -- thanks to the barbell!

Originally, the Bulgarian version of our article (which differs a little in text because it is not written for Mark Rippetoe testimonial purpose) has interview with the lifter. Of course since its in Bulgarian i'm not going to include it.
And to say it again - Mark does not even know i intended to write such stuff. We haven't really met at all and he probably doesn't even know who the fuck i am (excpet when i have troubled him on REDDIT questions once hahaha).
I just felt it would be good for the WORLD to know this. I'm not really into making Mark or any of the zealots in the forum love me (because i love myself more than anyone can anyway) so please understand the meaning of this article! It is for YOU PEOPLE who need to put those fitness magazines DOWN and lift that barbell UP!

As parting thoughts remember that EVEYRTHING inside this article concerns NATURAL lifters. WITH DRUGGED ATHLETES i have no idea what happens. They can probably get away with much more stupid and easy shit and still get quite the results.
But what about your wife? What about all those mothers who want to just get into better shape without Chemistry? Normal people who DON'T want to take steroids? How the fuck do THEY get better? What if their genes suck?!
Barbells. Genes, age, nutrition... those are all catalyts which WILL determine HOW good you respond to ANY stimulus. But barbell training and free-weight training overall is the BEST way to nurture yourself. IF DONE PROPRLY and smartly, with enough passion it will be the BEST stimulus for the drug-free lifter. Probably even for the drugged one, but since i don't train such people i cannot give any real comment.

And Mark has known this shit for years so, even though i do not agree on 100% with everything he says, i think in its CORE, the BASICS of his idea are truly valuable and EVERYONE should read his books!

As a finalle ask yourself this: "'Do i want to be amazing person in 5 years?" Because guess what? 5 years will pass ANYWAY, you might as well get awfully strong in the mean time :).

Thank you and SHARE IT!

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